Johnson-Klein takes minor league job

Web Search powered by YAHOO! Stacy Johnson-Klein, the former Fresno State women's basketball coach who sued the university for sex discrimination and won, is back in basketball.Just not in coaching. Or with a women's college team.Johnson-Klein has accepted a job as general manager of a minor league men's basketball team in Oklahoma, the Lawton Fort Sill Cavalry of the Continental Basketball Association. And as she prepares to put Fresno behind her, Johnson-Klein also is seeking a movie and book deal from her experiences here, hiring celebrity attorney Gloria Allred to help broker a deal. Allred did the same for Amber Frey, the former lover of convicted murderer Scott Peterson.Johnson-Klein confirmed her new job Thursday afternoon but referred further questions to Allred. Johnson-Klein is scheduled to be introduced at a news conference today in Lawton, Okla., where she began her coaching career 11 years ago at Cameron University.Johnson-Klein will oversee the entire operation of the C...
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